Thursday, July 23, 2009


I rarely take holidays but last week I treated myself to a "staycation".
I took a five-day course in "Basic Silver Jewelery" offered by our local community college so from 9-4 I sawed, soldered, filed, sanded, set stones and learned about finishing techniques.
At the end of 35 hours I'd made several rings, pendants, earrings and a pin plus had a new respect for the skill and patience it takes to work with metal. Enjoyed it tremendously but I doubt if my nails will ever come clean again.
Here are a few of my class projects.

You have to start somewhere

Q. When does a hobby stop being a hobby?
A. When you no longer continue the activity for pure enjoyment.

That being said, I’m a hobbyist who enjoys creating. My current interest is mostly jewellery – glass beads, metal, natural stone and minerals. I get a kick learning a technique or working with a medium I haven’t tried before. The problem is what do I do with all the items I’ve made. My solution is this blog.

I’d rather see the bracelets, necklaces et al find a home with someone who will enjoy wearing them as much as I did making them. If I can cover my costs as well, then I can afford to keep trying new projects without going broke. Sounds good in theory. Hope it works.

Look forward to hearing from you by email if you see something you like or have questions.