Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to Work

It's surprising what a change in weather does for your mood. Now that we've had a little rain and the nights are cooling off, I'm starting to look to look at working on some new projects. Which means I should also do something about clearing more room for storage. (See more on this at the end of the posting.)

Earlier this week I did a photo shoot in the garden of some of the pieces that had yet to be catelogued. Here's a preview of some of my most recent work. This one is a sweet teardrop pendant on a vintage brass chain. Turned it into a set with a pair of matching earrings but you won't find it on the BUY BLING
pages -- it's already sold.

But there are at least a half dozen new necklaces if you're in the mood to browse. Enjoy.

More about making room: I'll be gearing up for a jewellery 
party sometime early September. If you're in the Ottawa area and would like to come, please get in touch by email.

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bling Blog problems

Just wanted to let you know there's a problem with accessing my catablogs directly. Wasn't aware of it myself until this past weekend when I  was updating other social media vehicles and realized the slideshows weren't showing at all. So I tried logging into the buybling blog directly and got a nasty surprise. 

Looks like someone has redirected my address to their site. Not sure if it's an aggressive advertiser or some phishing for confidential information. Either way it was news to me and I've contacted Google to alert them to the situation. Problem is there's no way of exiting the "interloper's" site to get to see the BLING. Did run a test to see if there was another way to access those pages and yes, it works if you're linking from this blog. For your convenience, here's the link:

My apologies for the nuisance factor. Hopefully, Google will find a way to fix this before too long. In the meantime, I've added some new pieces in all categories so it's worthwhile having a browse if you're so inclined. Even though I've been lax in posting, I've been experimenting with new techniques and materials throughout the spring.

Am also gearing up for a jewelry party sometime later in summer -- have to clear out stock for more storage room --  so do let me know if you're interested.



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reality check

Two weeks into the New Year and how is 2011 treating you so far? Don't know about you but Ive stopped making resolutions in recent years. Now I tend to look at what I want out of life instead. A good place to start is to stop beating myself up over things I can't change. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. Do what you can and don't forget to make time for yourself.

Part of making time for myself lately is experimenting with metal. This hammered brass disk with freshwater pearl dangle is part of a charm chain I created recently. You can see the rest of the necklace and some other new pieces on BUY BLING.

For me, the stamped message is a good reminder of how to look at the rest of the year -- and life.

Have a good one.

You have to start somewhere

Q. When does a hobby stop being a hobby?
A. When you no longer continue the activity for pure enjoyment.

That being said, I’m a hobbyist who enjoys creating. My current interest is mostly jewellery – glass beads, metal, natural stone and minerals. I get a kick learning a technique or working with a medium I haven’t tried before. The problem is what do I do with all the items I’ve made. My solution is this blog.

I’d rather see the bracelets, necklaces et al find a home with someone who will enjoy wearing them as much as I did making them. If I can cover my costs as well, then I can afford to keep trying new projects without going broke. Sounds good in theory. Hope it works.

Look forward to hearing from you by email if you see something you like or have questions.